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Fotos con historia de Villarejo

Disfruta online de las mejores fotos antiguas de Villarejo de Salvanés. La historia de nuestro pueblo en cientos y cientos de fotos recopiladas durante cerca de dos décadas. Todo ello, en el álbum de foto antiguo más completo de la comarca.

Hemeroteca de Encomienda Mayor de Castilla

Accede online a todas las publicaciones de Encomienda desde sus comienzos, en mayo de 1996. Cerca ya de 200 números ininterrumpidos, además de otras publicaciones menores y especiales. La historia de Villarejo de las últimas décadas al alcance de todos los internautas. Todo ello, en la hemeroteca de Encomienda Mayor de Castilla.

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10 Preset Styles

A selection of varying colorings and shades, to demonstrate the stylistic diversity and potential of the Hybrid template.

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Individualize your content with a range of 16 suffixes, allowing for structural or visual change between each module.

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Styled Addons

A series of customized RocketTheme extensions accompany this release, e.g. custom styling for RokStories.

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El tiempo en Villarejo

pronostico del tiempo Villarejo de Salvanés


Mobile Browsing Support with iPhone Theme

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When Hybrid is viewed from an iPhone, a custom generated theme is loaded, better catered to the mobile platform. You have extensive controls over its appearance, from the colors / gradients, as well as structure, in particular relating to which module positions are loaded, or which positions they are linked to.

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Splitmenu: A versatile core menu option, displaying static items in the header and sidebar areas.

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Images Fusion Menu: A CSS Dropdown Menu, with Mootools enhancements such as transitions and animations. The Menu is fully crawlable by any Search Engine, e.g. Google.

Features include Menu Icon and Subtext support, as well as Multiple Columns (4 maximum), Column Width Control, Grouped Child Items, as well as Inline Modules or Module Positions.

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Images Gantry Framework: An extensive foundation for all our templates. It provides the base for a series of advanced features and functions, as well as being completely adaptable, allowing templates to be as extensive as creativiely possible. The override and layout features of Gantry give its true versatility, above and beyond its ranged core advantages.

The 960 Grid System, built-in RTL support, an extensive and user friendly administrative interface, iPhone themes, caching, overrides and so much more, are all examples of readily available Gantry features.

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Hybrid has 10 Preset Styles, with various options available.

A great combination of stylish design and powerful, core features.

Control from the Administrator.

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